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Working at Lambeau: Project Accountant Justina Helsten

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We asked members of the Miron team to share their experiences of working at an iconic Wisconsin venue: Lambeau Field.

Name: Justina Helsten
Job title: Project Accountant
Duties for Lambeau Field project: Accounts payable and accounts receivable responsibilities

Helsten, Justina

1. Had you been to Lambeau before working on the project? What kind of feelings or memories did you associate with the venue?
I had been to Lambeau before, so I was excited! I cherish all the memories of tailgating and attending games with family and friends.

2. If you are a Packers fan, what is your first or best Packers memory? Did you think of it while you were working on the Lambeau project? 
I will never forget the game that Brett Favre played after his dad’s passing. I had goosebumps and tears that night. It was very moving. I admit I have thought of Brett Favre along with Aaron Rogers while being on the Lambeau project 🙂

3. What were your feelings when you were hired/assigned the Lambeau project?
I felt honored to be asked to work on such a project. I know how hard others worked to get here, and to be a part of it is indescribable.

4. Did family and friends have a reaction to you working on the project (jealous, excited, etc.)?
My family shared in my excitement and some were in disbelief that I had this opportunity.

5. What is one experience that you’ll never forget about working on the Lambeau project?
Bringing my three sons to Take a Child to Work Day and seeing what I get to do every day through their eyes was priceless. It is a memory that we will all cherish forever!

6. If you return to visit Lambeau as a fan after working there, what about the venue will stand out to you? 
It’s amazing all the changes and additions that I have been able to experience while working at Lambeau. I believe that whenever I look at any of the additions or remodels that we worked on I will recall my time here.

7. What about your work at Lambeau are you most proud?
I am most proud of the relationships that I have obtained with numerous people associated with the project.

8. If you had to use one word to describe Lambeau Field, what would that word be?

Lambeau-exterior-Phil Weston

Photo credit: Phil Weston

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