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Kewaunee School District’s new Agricultural Learning Lab & Greenhouse

Kewaunee SD Agricultural Facility

The Kewaunee School District will soon be celebrating the groundbreaking of their $16.2 million facilities project that passed referendum on April 7, 2015. In keeping with the vitality of Kewaunee’s farm community, a highly-anticipated structure is included in the scope: an agricultural learning lab and greenhouse. The free-standing facility contains a classroom space with a multi-use lab for hydroponics, cheese-making, soils and crop testing, etc., and an animal lab with reconfigurable pens capable of housing up to three large animals. The animal lab will provide the opportunity to bring livestock (cows, horses, pigs and goats) onto campus for study throughout the year. The short-term housing of various farm animals will allow students to showcase livestock, practice large-animal handling in a safe environment, and participate in demonstrations. The longer-term program of raising chickens makes life-cycle and growth studies possible.

Unlike a visit to the farm, the facility has specific features like special gates and glass enclosures that allow access to students with disabilities. Younger students can also experience the activities of the animal lab from a safe distance through a large viewing window. The expanded and relocated ag lab and greenhouse will enhance the experiences of more than 150 students that participate in the horticulture and agriculture program each year, as well as supplement the curriculum of various other classes district wide.