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Watertown Wastewater Treatment Facility

Watertown, WI

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Owner: City of Watertown
Completion: June 2004
Architect / Engineer: Applied Technologies

Project Description:

This project consisted of the construction of a new plant, a new raw sewage pump designed to run uphill, an additional sludge storage building and associated processing equipment, as well as the demolition of the existing facility. Although the addition was designed and phased to take care of the issue of lack of space, there is room for further expansion. Another advantage of the addition is the new generator building that has the capability to run the plant if a power failure occurs.

There is also a new maintenance garage (triple the size of the old one), and a new administration building. The architectural design of the new facility incorporates green metal roofing, brick, and skylights. This design mimics that of the commercial buildings across the river and not only allows the waste water treatment plant to blend into its surroundings, it also provides an aesthetically pleasing facade.

- Build Wisconsin Award presented by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin