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Sargento Foods Low Temperature Storage and Shipping Dock Expansion

Hilbert, WI

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Owner: Sargento Foods, Inc.
Size: 52,000 SF
Completion: September 2008

Project Description:

This low temperature storage and shipping dock expansion consisted of a 52,000 square-foot addition to Sargento’s Hilbert facility. The new space provided additional storage areas, a shipping and receiving dock area, a refrigeration engine room and utility support area, and new static cooler and freezer areas.

The new space features -35°F blast freezers, blast coolers, freezers, coolers, dry storage, an engine room that provides refrigeration to the existing facility and addition, new Food Air Handling Units (FAHU), shipping and receiving docks equipped with vertical storage loading dock levelers, a boiler room, an electrical room, and a clean storage room.

Miron was also responsible for the relocation and supplementation of existing refrigeration equipment. This included constructing new steel roof top platforms for the equipment to be relocated to allow for the new building addition, as well as installing temporary refrigeration equipment to provide cooling to the existing facility during construction.

This new addition was designed and constructed with future expansion in mind. New utility infrastructure (i.e., electrical, storm, sanitary, and water) was put in place to accomodate future building projects. Foundations, loading dock spaces, and additional refrigeration capacity were also included for upcoming expansion plans.

The project posed a number of challenges for the project team. The building site contained contaminated soils, thus requiring that the building pad be overexcavated and replaced with structural fill. Additionally, the project start date was set for February, which meant the team had to properly pre-plan work and coordinate the schedule to accomodate the winter weather.

The project demanded an aggressive schedule be maintained from the start as there was a large need for the blast freezers and cold storage from a production standpoint. The addition also had to be tied into three existing building additions. This had to be completed at very specific times in order to maintain the facility’s existing operations. Through extensive communication and coordination with the Owner’s representative, Miron was able to meet these strict milestone dates and complete the project with minimal disruption to the plant’s production.

In 2011, Miron began work on the second phase of this project, which included a 14,921 square-foot, two-story addition/renovation to the Hilbert facility’s employee and office areas. Work included the complete demolition of the first floor and rework of office space, the lunch room, the locker room, the employee store, and GMP areas. Miron was also responsible for the installation of an elevator and new mechanical space, as well as the complete reworking of the HVAC and finishes upgrading on the second floor (i.e., paint, flooring, ceiling, and lighting).

“Miron Construction is a technical leader in food plant construction. As a food manufacturing plant, we can’t be shut down for any length of time. Miron was extremely good at coordinating with our local plant people when we had to shut down power or refrigeration systems. As a result, we were able to keep our plant running during construction without any issues whatsoever.”

Karl Linck, Vice President Engineering
Sargento Foods