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Verso (NewPage) Biron Mill Maintenance

Biron, WI

Owner: Verso Corporation (Formerly NewPage Corporation)
Completion: December 2011

Project Description:

Miron performed a variety of maintenance work at the Biron Mill during 2011. Project highlights include:

Pulp Mill

  • Provided maintenance assistance on down day.

Paper Machine

  • Completed maintenance and capital project support for #25 and #26 PM outage days - total of 9 outage days.
  • Changed gears on #25 PM dryer.
  • Modified and upgraded #25 PM press draw system.
  • Modified and upgraded #26 PM coating section.
  • Repaired super calendars and winders.
  • Installed crane rail for super calendars.


  • Completed maintenance repairs to boiler bark feed system, coal conveyors, sootblowers, FD/ID fans, flyash conveyors, bucket elevators, coal crusher, and slag tan.
  • Repaired concrete spillway and tainter gates on Biron Dam.