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Verso (NewPage) Wisconsin Rapids Mill Maintenance

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Owner: Verso Corporation (Formerly NewPage Corporation)
Completion: December 2011

Project Description:

Wood Yard/Stock Press

  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on outage days - total of 22 outages.
  • Installed catwalks, monorails, and platforms on conveyors.
  • Modified and upgraded train car unloading system, diffusion washers, thick stock pumps, and bleach plans.
  • Repaired hardwood chipper, chip conveyors, primary hog, drag chain conveyors, hardwood stone conveyor, hardwood decker washer, diverter box, Johnson screen, bark bins, and digesters.
  • Replaced bearings on acid press.
  • Replaced trunnion bearings on wood drum.
  • Repaired concrete foundations and floors at #4 and #5 washers.
  • Completed concrete foundations and repairs to Tower Supply pump, Washer Vat dilution pump, and Cleaner supply pump.
  • Replaced concrete and repaired structural steel on De-Ice and Log Deck.

#14 Paper Machine

  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on machine outage days - total of 10 outages.
  • Modified felt stretch run and false ceiling.
  • Upgraded uhle box pumps and winder oscillator.
  • Installed platforms on the third press section.
  • Replaced smoothing press, size press rolls, and felt rolls.
  • Repaired and upgraded filtered water booster pump, machine chest agitators, and press section roll doctors.
  • Replaced bearings on felt rolls.
  • Changed gears on dryers.

#16 Paper Machine

  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on machine outage days - total of 10 outages.
  • Repaired PM rope run bottom felt stretch racks and dryer doctors.
  • Repaired and upgraded gearboxes, coating pumps, and felt lube showers.
  • Replaced shoe press motors and dryer bearings.
  • Replaced size press rolls, felt rolls, suction pressure roll, suction pick-up roll, and hitch roll.
  • Replaced crane rails and overhead crane.


  • Upgraded and modified super calendars.


  • Completed maintenance and capital project work on boiler outage days - total of 8 outages.
  • Installed upgrades to boiler overfire air fan system.
  • Performed maintenance repairs to boiler bark feed system, coal spreader, sootblowers, FD/ID fans, precipitator/economizer ash conveyors, and bucket elevators.
  • Upgraded and modified mud tank, filter plant, lime kilns, and recovery area.
  • Repaired concrete and tainter gates on Wisconsin Rapids Dam.
  • Replaced trash racks and supports on Wisconsin Rapids Dam.
  • Completed repairs to Wisconsin Rapids #6 Hydro.