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Dells Hydro Generating Plant Repowering

Eau Claire, WI

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Owner: Xcel Energy Services Inc.
Architect / Engineer: Utility Engineering

Project Description:

Miron performed the following work at this location:

  • Installation of Units 2-5 tailrace stop log monorail equipment.
  • Repair of the tailrace stop log slots for Units 1 - 5.
  • Repair of upstream and downstream waterline damage.
  • Dewatering of intakes and draft tubes for Units 2 -5.
  • Dewatering of tailrace for Units 1 - 5.
  • Placement of new tailrace walkway slab.
  • All modifications to the intake deck including removal of the existing intake deck slabs and installation of the new beams and grating.
  • All concrete demolition necessary for the installation of three new turbine/generator assemblies.
  • Removal of the existing bridge crane and assembly and installation of the new bridge crane.
  • Placement of approximately 5000 CY of reinforced concrete in Units 2 - 5 generation building.
  • Mechanical demolition for Units 2 through 5.
  • Mechanical installation of three (3) new units and one (1) refurbished unit.
  • Start-up/commissioning support.