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Agropur Dryer Renovations & Warehouse Addition

Luxemburg, WI

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Owner: Agropur Inc. (Trega Foods)
Size: 30,000 SF
Completion: August 2013

Project Description:

This project involved the construction of a whey storage warehouse with an attached bulk load out drive-in bay for loading bulk whey from overhead storage bins into transfer trucks. The new warehouse load out is constructed of precast walls, planks, and double T’s and includes all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.

The scope also includes the construction of a new five-story building to house a new whey dryer and renovation of an existing four-story dryer building to house equipment to support the new whey dryer. Site work associated with this project includes the construction of two new loading docks, approximately 40,000 square feet of concrete paving for a truck turnaround, a new 1-acre retention pond, and underground storm water drainage system. It also includes the relocation of an existing scale and scale house construction.