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Sonoco Paper Machine Improvements & Wet End Roof Replacement

De Pere, WI

Owner: Sonoco
Completion: December 2012

Project Description:

The scope of work for this project consisted of raising and replacing the existing roof over a paper machine at Sonoco’s De Pere facility. Originally, Sonoco estimated a (10) day time period would be required to complete this work.

Miron understood how critical it was to limit the paper machine outage as much as possible so Sonoco could continue to make product. Therefore, Miron formulated a plan to install all of the steel, panels, and new roof membrane above the existing roof, while the paper machine was running. Essentially all pre-work was completed while the paper machine was in production.

When the new roof was complete, Miron began the shutdown and removed the existing roof. This was completed in a four-day time period. This allowed Sonoco to start their paper machine six days earlier than originally planned.