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Brillion Iron Works Drum Replacement

Brillion, WI

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Owner: Brillion Iron Works
Completion: August 2011

Project Description:

The cooling drum is a key component of Brillion Iron Works’ business; drum failure means no production. Castings travel through the spinning drum to cool, separating the sand and slag from the casting and discharging the casting onto a shake-out conveyor for inspection and final cleaning. Since the shell of the drum was worn and irreparable, replacement in the most efficient and effective manner was vital. After several months of pre-planning and idea generation, BIW felt confident in Miron’s removal/installation process.

Because the condition of the existing drum was so poor and the exact weight for hoisting was unknown, extreme caution was required to remove it. Miron’s solution involved fabricating a steel skid with skates to install under the raised drum. Slowly, the 220,000-pound drum was moved to the opening and outside of the building. (Fourth photo.)

Before installation of the new drum could begin, it was discovered that a new concrete foundation was also needed within the established 7-day schedule. While standard procedure would have been to excavate 14’ of existing concrete and pour, Miron executed the foundation and installation within the Owner’s original schedule by excavating down 4’, installing helical piers, and then pouring concrete flush to the floor. The solution allowed the project to be completed on time, so no additional production time was lost.