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Client Perspectives

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Mark Murphy, President & CEO, Green Bay Packers, on the Lambeau Field North & South End Zone Stadium Improvements project, Green Bay, WI

“In the interview process, to me, Miron really stood out, for a couple of reasons. Number one, it was clear that it was going to be more than just another job for them. It was something that they were going to be really passionate about and take great pride in. And then another factor for us was that they’re a part of the community. We really wanted to hire a local firm that really understood the importance of community to the Green Bay Packers and to this area and they really blew us away … Every single person from Miron who came in, you could just tell that there was a sincerity and a passion that we knew that they would do everything they could to make sure they did an outstanding job on the project … Just walking through the construction site, talking to people, you can just see the pride that they take. One of my fondest memories is the topping-off ceremony where we brought in every employee that was working on it, I think there were over 300 people there, and I still get goose bumps when I think about it, they were all chanting, “Go Pack Go!” So obviously, this is a project we are all taking great pride in. I would highly recommend Miron Construction to anyone, just a very professional firm that takes great pride in their work.”
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Jeff Weyers, President, Commercial Horizons, on the Nicolet Bank Center project, Green Bay, WI

“Miron brings a level of professionalism where we just don’t need to get as involved as we would otherwise. So it keeps our commitment of resources to a minimum because we can lean pretty heavily on Miron. They have been there, done that, and we knew we could trust them … We couldn’t afford to make mistakes and we thought the best way to hedge our bets was to get Miron involved in the project, because we have a history with Miron doing what they say, the way they say they’re going to do it, and we can trust it … They’re good, well-rounded professional people, and they’re just a joy to work with…”
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Doug Page, Architect, Performa Inc., on the Nicolet Bank Center project, Green Bay, WI

“When the Nicolet Center project was initiated, given the scale of the project, we felt we had to fit the scale of the project and the speed at which we wanted to move with the right kind of contractor: One that could bring the value, one that could execute the project in the time that we were permitting, and could, quite honestly, handle one of this scale and this magnitude. And really, there was only one choice, and it was Miron Construction … And not once throughout this process did cost trump quality, and we’re still within budget…”
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Gary Wojciechowski, Director of Facilities & Projects, Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Wausau, WI

“When you hire Miron, you’re not getting a company that is just a large general contractor. You’re getting a company that brings to the table a whole myriad of professionals that are highly trained in their different disciplines. Quality is always there. It’s never in question when I’m dealing with Miron on the jobsite.”
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Doug Simon, President, Trega Foods, Inc., Luxemburg, WI

“One of the things that sets Miron apart from other contractors, I think, is the people—whether that be the people that are working out on the floor, doing the work, building the building for us, or the project managers all the way up to the owners. Everybody at Miron Construction understands what our goals are, whether that be a timeframe we need to meet, or a budget we need to meet, and they’re all pulling in that direction, working as part of our team … The fact that Miron Construction actually performs a lot of the functions themselves with their own people throughout the project, that’s a positive because it gives more control and is easier to coordinate. And at the end of the project, it helps us accomplish our timeframe and the goals that we have in terms of getting the project done.”
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Pat Finnemore, Director of Facilities Services, Kenosha Unified School District, Kenosha, WI

“It’s been really a seamless project. The [Miron] project manager has made my job and our construction manager’s job very easy, providing us what we need, when we need it. Definitely working with Miron would be something we’d be pleased to do again.”
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Rev. John Harper, Former Pastor: St. Mary Catholic Community Church, Ledgeview, WI

“We were impressed with the pride that Miron takes in their work … We feel that their attention to detail made our church project just distinctive … In every situation, Miron has been there for us.”
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John Manser, Director of Operations, The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center, Green Bay, WI

“Our general contractor, Miron Construction, far exceeded our expectations for the delivery of their services. We are so thrilled with the results of their efforts as our general contractor. Each and every day, we have people that use the facility that mention how impressed they are with the quality of the workmanship that is so evident in our facility. The Kroc Center seeks to meet the needs of those who participate in its many programs. We strive to strengthen, enrich and encourage our members and guests with every program and service we provide. Miron Construction did an amazing job of building us a beautiful facility that expresses strength, warmth and encouragement to our members. Our facility is an incredible tool that we leverage each day to make a difference in the lives of others!”

David Schneider, Executive Director, Langlade Hospital, Antigo, WI

“Our new hospital project has positioned our organization well for the future. We have created an environment that really enhances the patient experience while maximizing patient safety, privacy and comfort. The Miron team was at the table and involved in our project right from the very start as we began to explore how the future of healthcare was likely to unfold and how it would impact the future delivery of care. They worked closely with us to achieve our goal of creating the hospital of tomorrow and developing many of the innovative features that benefit our patients today. Miron was a great partner; we owe a great deal of our success in developing the new Langlade Hospital to the Miron team.”

Jill McEwen, Vice President – Administrative Services, Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI

“I thought it was a good time to share with you how pleased we are working with Miron as our CM. The team members we have been working with are top notch and have been great partners. Paul Auer has done an exceptional job to date as our Project Executive and works extremely well with our internal teams. Steve Wilz did exceptional job with the costing. Jim Ziegler has been excellent to work with as the general superintendent. There is a long list of folks assigned to our team, and these same compliments apply to each person. Besides the professionalism we experience each day, we also enjoy the great camaraderie that has developed in our time working together. We look forward to the start of the rest of our projects and our continued partnership.”

Angelo Fallucca, COO, Palermo Villa, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

“When we decided to expand our business by building our new facility, it was extremely important that we chose a firm to assist us in making our dream a reality … Miron provided us with pre-construction expertise, as well as a skilled team to manage our construction project. Before, during, and even after the project was completed, I have found Miron to be exceptionally supportive of our business needs. No matter the size, I would highly recommend Miron for your next project.”

Antonio Butturini, Reedsville High School Principal, Reedsville, WI

“Since the beginning, there has been a high degree of care, commitment, and a high quality work ethic from everyone on the Miron team. They go out of their way to keep work moving forward and at the same time, respecting the fact that we have instruction in progress. They continually ask about noise, dust, and equipment and are diligent in keeping the hallways clear of equipment and mess … Again, my compliments to the entire Miron team on the outstanding job thus far on our project.”

Chip Burns, Former Plant Manager, Sara Lee, Kansas City, KS

“Miron was meticulous about the quality of work of over 1,000 individual contractors and multiple major construction firms. They partnered with the plant level operations team as well as the Sara Lee corporate engineers to meet or exceed all food safety requirements. Miron was willing to listen to suggestions and execute plans at a very high level, sometimes with very little lead time. The Miron team was a pleasure to work with and a key factor in the start-up success of one of the most cutting edge meat processing facilities in the world.”

Dave Forsberg, President, Trinity Lutheran Church, Waupaca, WI

“We, as a congregation, have been truly blessed to have had your company oversee our church project. The whole project was handled in an extremely professional manner…This certainly was a job well done and our church could not be happier with the result. Thanks to [Miron] for all you have done for our congregation.”

Captain Julie Bahr, Professional Standards Commander, Appleton Police Department, Appleton, WI

“One of the rewarding parts of my job as serving as the liaison between the Police Department staff and the construction crew members was getting to know some of the workers. I very much enjoyed working with all of your staff. Your crew faced challenges of refurbishing an existing, occupied, building while trying to make connections with the new construction. They pulled it off!”

Anthony Sweere, District Administrator, Hilbert School District, Hilbert, WI

“This project was truly an ‘Extreme Summer Makeover’ and your team worked with a short timeline to make it all happen. I move forward with excitement and treasure the many professional relationships I have developed with members of your company….I cannot say enough about the professional way that [the team] went about their business each day and made sure we were getting the best product. As we move into the future, our district continues to look forward to working with you as we continue our work in making the School District of Hilbert an educational destination for parents and their children.”

Chris Hohol, Village of Bellevue Fire Chief, Bellevue Public Safety Building, Green Bay, WI

“On top of all the quality we experienced, I was impressed at the fact that on an almost four million dollar project that we stayed on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Miron to anyone. Thank you again.”

Chef Jeff Igel, Department Chair, Culinary Arts & Hospitality, Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI

“Thanks much to Miron Construction for building our theatre. It is a fabulous learning environment. Keep up the good work!”

Scott M. Schanhofer, Executive Director, Neenah-Menasha YMCA, Neenah, WI

“The Neenah-Menasha YMCA has had a very positive relationship with Miron Construction for a number of years. The YMCA went through a major expansion in 2000 and a large remodeling project in 2007. Both projects were done by Miron Construction with tremendous results. Miron was extremely thorough and meticulous in the project. They researched the needs of the YMCA and made sure they met those needs. They also were very aware of not impacting our operations during construction.”

Bob Aykens, Memorial Florists & Greenhouses, Inc., Appleton, WI

“TEAM Miron’s commitment during and after this project is the best display of a company that is customer orientated and willing to go the extra mile. Not only does Miron build excellence, they have set a standard that is unbeatable in the construction industry.”

Matthew Hattenhauer, M.D., Immediate Past President, Eye Clinic of Wisconsin, Wausau, WI

“Our new building and surroundings are absolutely beautiful. All of us have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Miron Construction during this building project. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile are much appreciated. Every day that I walk into this building reaffirms that we made the right choice for our general contractor, Miron Construction.”

Terrence R. Wall, Owner, T. Wall Properties, Madison, WI

“Thank you for the terrific job Miron Construction did at 8215 Greenway [office building]. Please share with your teams how extremely pleased we are with the outcome of the construction. The quality and the detail are immaculate.”

Fr. Gene Doda, Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Waterford, WI

“The new church is a wonderful accomplishment for St. Thomas and a beautiful addition to the Waterford Community. This building, along with its growing membership, will continue to ensure we are able to meet the spiritual, educational and social needs of the community for years to come.”

Thomas M. Wascher, MD, FACS, NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin, Appleton, WI

“We were very impressed with Miron at every stage of the construction process … Everyone from the initial process including masonry, carpentry, finishing work was absolutely spectacular and they really bent over backwards to provide us with the look and the feel of the building that we desired … We talked about at some point about expanding the building and they would be without a doubt the people that we would use again for any future projects. Miron has exceeded our expectations and they live by their words when they talk about their motto in saying that their company is about integrity and the pursuit of excellence. And we feel like we’ve been treated with integrity, with striving to achieve excellence at every step of the construction project. The results speak for themselves; this building has quality and a sense of uniqueness that makes the owner proud.”

Glen Grady, Administrator, Memorial Medical Center, Niellsville, WI

“One of the major reasons we chose Miron is two partners came over and made the presentation with us; we didn’t have anybody else put that kind of time and effort into us, because we are small and it was a small project—it was only a $3 million project. We felt like Miron treated us like they treat their $100 million projects, at least that well. I’ve had several people call me, and I’ve always told them that we wouldn’t use anybody else for a project, at least as long as I’m here, because it was so seamless; it was so effortless for me. It got done on time. It got done on budget, and we got a beautiful building. What more can you ask?”

Charlene Everett, V.P. of Assisted Living, Rennes Group, De Pere, WI

“I’ve been working in long-term care for most of my professional life…When Miron came to the table, they brought some wonderfully creative ideas, with the architect they introduced to us, for more rooms which obviously creates more revenue. On the same amount of square footage, the room design is beautiful, so that we can offer a lot more to our residents with the design they brought us. They are very progressive. They are very easy people to work with … And Miron has been on schedule with everything that they’ve promised to be. It’s important that a contractor understands the regulations when you’re involved in long-term care. We are a very highly regulated industry. Miron was very knowledgeable in terms of all of the regulatory issues with air control, and heating and ventilation, and all those things … As I walk through the building, I look at the beauty of it, which is very obvious, but because I’ve been involved from the ground up, I also know that it is very well built; it is just a very solid, sound construction, and I would recommend them to anyone—in fact, our greatest hope is that we will use them again.”

Marge McFarlane, Risk Control & Safety Coordinator, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire, WI

“My role in construction here at Sacred Heart Hospital includes ensuring that the infection control process is secure throughout the whole construction time … And to that end, Miron worked very closely with Sacred Heart in completing the infection control/risk assessment that is required before every phase of demolition, restoration, and construction. Miron had a good ability to communicate with the hospital and the personnel throughout the process … Miron was very responsive in helping me understand what logistically they needed to accomplish, and we were able to work together to meet my goals so that our patients were safe.”