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Pre-Referendum Services

Lake Mills Elementary School GroundbreakingAs the largest school builder in the State of Wisconsin, Miron Construction has completed $1 billion in educational construction projects. We have helped numerous school districts meet their goals and objectives by building quality facilities for students, staff, and the community.

A key element in achieving those goals, however, is the vital pre-referendum effort. Before ground can be broken, the District must educate the community regarding the needs and solutions, and convince the voters that the projects are warranted.

Communication is Key!The primary goal of any referendum plan is communication. Voters will want to know:

  • How the needs were assessed: Were there knowledgeable resources involved?
  • How the solution was reached: Who got input? Are all the needs addressed?
  • The feasibility of the solution: Is it the best solution? Were others explored?
  • The tax impact: How much will it cost? Are we getting the best “bang” for our buck? How do we compare to other area districts?
  • Long-range implications: Is this a solution that makes sense for the future?
  • Financial responsibility: Has the District used its funds appropriately in the past? What does our debt picture look like?

Miron takes an active role in the pre-referendum process by assisting the school district and architect in educating the public through various means and methods.

How Can Miron Help?An organized campaign to inform voters of the needs, issues, solutions, and impact is essential. Getting the community involved in this effort is also crucial. In addition to our pre-construction services, we can help you:

  • Develop conceptual estimates to establish accurate budgets for the various options being explored
  • Provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to be used as the referendum dollar amount
  • Develop preliminary construction schedules to show completion dates or possible phasing options
  • Develop a communication plan with action items and goal dates
  • Facilitate committees and set tasks
  • Develop communication tools such as posters, direct-mail pieces, and media campaigns
  • Conduct public information meetings

Contact Craig Uhlenbrauck, Vice President of Education or Megan Nussbaum, Education Specialist for more information on our Pre-Referendum Services.