Tonya Dittman

Customer Experience Built for Delight, Not Just Efficiency

Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Over the years, Miron has worked hard to understand the customer experience. We’ve researched the top brands in healthcare, manufacturing, financial, and not-for-profit industries. Here’s what we learned: organizations that intentionally design the customer experience to create specific emotional outcomes are the ones that outperform […]

Tonya Dittman

Customer service is more than just order taking

Posted on Sep 28, 2010

Order takers are everywhere. I find them at the local Starbucks, my favorite restaurant, the hair stylist and even the place I get my oil changed. Picture a typical scenario: I go to an establishment, I want to purchase a product or service, and the […]

Tonya Dittman

Creating “WOW” moments for your customers

Posted on Aug 25, 2010

  “All the world is a stage and we are merely players” ~ Shakespeare Ten years ago I read The Experience Economy and it profoundly changed my outlook on business. The idea that the last frontier for real business growth was the experience, that our […]