April 2018 Referenda – PASSED!

Posted on Apr 25, 2018 by Education

Referendum Congrats

We’re celebrating!

This month, three of Miron’s partner school districts were successful in their referendum endeavors. In total, $61,730,000 in school funding was passed (which includes a private $12 million donation). THANK YOU to the diverse teams of district, school board, and community members for your dedication to this process.

Arcadia School District: $4 million
Arcadia will build a $16 million community center and gym addition to the Arcadia Middle/High School. Funding for this unique project comes from a successful $4 million referendum, a $12 million donation from the Wanek Foundation, and $1.25 million in additional private donations for a future community library.

Coleman School District: $13.8 million 
The Coleman School District approved $13,830,000 for K-12 additions and renovations with two successful questions:

  • Question 1 ($10,850,000) is for improvements and upgrades to the District’s existing school facility including building infrastructure, life safety and energy efficiency upgrades; secure entrances; classroom, gymnasium, kitchen, and cafeteria upgrades; and an addition to the High School cafeteria
  • Question 2 ($2,980,000) is for STEM upgrades to the High School technical education, science, and agricultural lab facilities, as well as upgrades to art, math, computer-aided design, and miscellaneous core classrooms.

Plymouth School District: $31.9 million
The Plymouth School District passed a $31.9 million question to fund school building and improvement programs, including academic and athletic additions, remodeling, and site improvements at Plymouth High School; construction of gymnasium, cafeteria, and academic additions and remodeling at Fairview and Parkview Elementary schools; and district-wide security and communications system upgrades.

How can Miron help your school district?
Miron has more than 15 years of experience providing pre-referendum assistance for 42 successful referenda, totaling over $700 million in new and improved facilities for Wisconsin’s students, staff, and communities. Contact us today to learn how we can help your district.

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