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Experience-Based Design

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Differentiate your organization by creating a unique and ideal experience for your community of clients and staff. Miron seeks an in-depth understanding of who you are as a company to launch the design of a truly unique environment that supports your culture and streamlines your processes. Watch the video play


Miron Reimagines Solutions…

Miron provides experience-based design methodologies and strategies that are original and effective. We specialize in identifying and creating experiences that are unique, original and relevant.

Our team typically begins the building process by developing an understanding of what you want to improve, as well as any unique customer experiences you want to provide. That’s because customers and employees who are attached feel better about the company, the product and the associated services, allowing your organization to command the market space. Our experience-based design experts can augment the design work already underway by design partners.

When you are able to identify what to change — when, where and how — your organization is then capable of designing a unique experience with efficiency and effectiveness.

 “I had the pleasure to work with Steve on a building project in which he came and met with our group to get us to “think outside the box.” He challenged us to really look at what we do and what we wanted to accomplish with our new facility. It was a great experience and the result is a facility that creates the warm welcoming environment we were trying to achieve. Our experience with the entire Miron team was exceptional! Thanks Steve!!” – Jane Graham Jennings, The Women’s Community, Inc., Wausau, WI

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Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC)

The Center for Health Design (CHD) was formed in 1993 by a team of forward-thinkers with a vision for creating healthcare facilities that promote healthier environments for patients and staff through the practice of Evidence-Based Design. Miron Construction was the first construction manager in the United States with Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) professionals on staff. 

Our process creates unique experiences for patients or residents, visitors and staff based on EDAC research. Rather than leaving the success of our decisions to chance, we bring research-based best practices to the planning and construction process to capitalize on proven methodologies and outcomes. In the end, we are able to collect supporting data and metrics to confirm our hypotheses.

Miron EDAC Professionals:

  • Steve Tyink, EDAC
  • Rob Chartier, EDAC

Articles & Resources

The Role of Evidence-Based Design

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Executive Brief:
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40 Experience-Based Design Tools Miron offers 40 experience-based design tools to observe the current employee and customer experience, enhance that experience and intentionally orchestrate those experiences to achieve business results. Innovation comes to life through the eyes of the user experience and helps to ensure desired outcomes happen every time.



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