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Services | Building Green | Experience-Based Design | Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Miron’s comprehensive range of construction services are designed to meet the unique and diversified needs of our clients:


Pre-Construction Services

Technology_CI Lab 4Miron differentiates itself from other general contractors throughout the Midwest by offering the most complete and extensive pre-construction services available.

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  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    BIM is an integrated architectural, engineering and construction workflow utilizing information which has been loaded into a digital building model. With the goal of enhanced communication, accuracy and efficiency, Miron has embraced read more…
  • LEED® and Green Building
    People, Planet and Payback: We lead by example to demonstrate the benefits of the Triple Bottom Line through education, corporate culture and practical construction solutions. As a leader in sustainable design and construction strategies, Miron’s goal is read more…
  • Experience-Based Design
    Differentiate your organization by creating a unique and ideal experience for your community of clients and staff. Miron seeks an in-depth understanding of who you are as a company to launch the design of a truly unique environment that supports your culture and streamlines your processes. read more…
  • Cost Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructibility Reviews
  • Project Scheduling / Phasing
  • Long-Lead Time Procurement
  • Bid Solicitation

Project Delivery

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, Miron is here for you. Numerous items will factor into your decision, including: size of the project, complexity of the project, project type and overall delivery schedule. Because of our resources and experience, Miron provides a comprehensive range of capabilities to ensure the success of each project. Learn more about delivery methods.


Construction Management

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Let Miron keep cost, schedule and scope in check while your complex project unfolds. As master of communications, Miron will provide pre-construction services, integrate and coordinate the flow of information between team members, and manage subcontractors and suppliers for a seamless project delivery.



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Miron and the architect create a contractual partnership from the inception of the project to achieve owner goals, maximize schedule, and establish a guaranteed price. Miron lends our 90+ years of expertise during design, and offers a single point of responsibility for construction.


Integrated Project Delivery

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Shared accountability in the project’s success is at the core of Integrated Project Delivery. As a member of the team, Miron provides unparalleled services and expertise to support cost, schedule and scope decisions in pre-construction, and delivers the solution in a seamless construction process. For more information, click here.


General Construction

Miron is recognized as one of the premier builders in the Midwest. Since 1918, Miron has built its reputation on providing clients with quality general construction regardless of project size, whether you need a new $100 million facility or a small project within a short timeframe.



_MG_2252By self-performing critical tasks associated with the project, Miron utilizes our 90+ years of experience in the field to ensure the overall success of the project, enhancing quality assurance, communication, control over the schedule, cost savings and efficient utilization of manpower and machinery. Miron typically performs:

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  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Steel erection
  • Precast concrete erection
  • Heavy rigging


Industrial/Millwright Services

Miron’s Industrial Division provides construction solutions from beginning to end by completing building and equipment installations. Miron is a full-service construction firm providing comprehensive solutions including:

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  • Machinery/equipment installation and relocation
  • Rebuilds & shutdowns
  • Laser/optical alignment
  • Maintenance assistance/outage work
  • Rigging
  • Certified welding
  • Steel erection & field fabrication


Risk Control Philosophy

Miron works under the philosophy of SQP: Safety, Quality, Production. This philosophy is part of every aspect of our jobs and is the foundation of our commitment to providing a work environment that is healthy and productive—and free from hazards. Click here to read more.