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Risk Control & Safety

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SQP Stretching ProgramMiron is committed to providing a work environment that is not only healthy and productive, but free from hazards.

Miron works under the philosophy of SQP: Safety, Quality, Production. This integrated approach to the building process guides our daily decisions and work, ensuring project-wide accountability in all three categories.


Employees are given the tools and education to prepare them mentally and physically for the work day, beginning with our pre-shift stretching and pre-task planning program known as the SQP Stretching Program and Excellence Huddle. Safety considerations and potential risks involved with the project/task are identified and understood, including investigating construction options that ensure the safety of all stakeholders.


To ensure that the job is done right, quality expectations are identified and visually communicated to the workforce. Employees are encouraged to measure themselves regularly and ask, “How did we do today?”


Once safety and quality expectations are identified, achievable production goals are set. Visual tools are utilized to communicate the plan to all disciplines and the entire workforce throughout the project.

These Safety, Quality, and Production considerations are then integrated into a cohesive project plan. Clear communication of the project plan ensures that each individual is aware of, and feels responsible for, safety and proactively plans for potential workplace hazards, quality expectations, and production goals. Ultimately, SQP allows risk to be “engineered” out of projects, ensures a higher quality product, and optimizes production. Committing to this process guarantees that we continue BUILDING EXCELLENCE!


Miron School of Construction

Understanding that knowledge is power, the Miron School of Construction was created to increase our efficiency in meeting the challenges of the current and future educational needs of our organization.

Greg Kippenhan, former owner, came up with the idea of a school. Knowing the “tremendous amount of collective talent among our employees,” he wanted to provide opportunities to share this knowledge and experience.

We approached the vision, design and development of our construction school with the model of a technical school or college in mind. The school has the functionality and flexibility to provide education for all departments, maintain records, project future needs and systematically educate our employees. Course offerings range from NCCO Operator Training and Powder Actuated Tools to Home Electrical Safety and 21 Qualities of Leadership.