If an organization can find ways to provide an experience unlike competitors, they command the space in their market. Our business and construction innovation experts assist clients with thinking differently about their current customer experience, so the building we construct supports the ideal experience. Building a new environment provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the overall customer experience. Our services focus strongly on capturing experiential clues and understanding customers’ experiences; not simply their view of the process—for instance, the speed and efficiency at which they travel through the system. Instead, we deliberately draw out the personal feelings a customer has at crucial points during their experience. We believe organizations that intentionally create experiences, which generate emotional outcomes, have tremendous customer loyalty and consistently outperform their competitors.


Through the use of over 40 tools such as Innovation Teams, Authors of Change and Rapid Access Prototyping, we explore and challenge what employees and customers really want and need to create experiences that exceed expectations.

Financial Industry

Home Suite & Financial Living Room Concept

When you think of applying for a mortgage what runs through your mind? A cold, scary, institutional environment. People you have never met asking high-trust questions. Innovation Teams at a financial institution asked the question: are typical offices effective in making people feel comfortable? Their research confirms what most of us assume: No! Our client decided it was time for a change. This patent-pending concept creates a space, which takes into account the fact that the mortgage process can be stressful. The result is a home suite with the comforts of your own living room where the customer chooses how they would like to interact. Closing takes place at the “kitchen table.” This “financial living room” concept helped create an experience based on what makes the customer most comfortable – a sense of security, trust and care is the result.

Healthcare Industry

Recovery Inn

Tired of the bright lights and being woken up at 1, 2, 3 a.m.? Tired of the typical hospital stay? America welcomed the first Orthopedic Recovery Inn in 2010. This in-patient experience features themed healing suites, personalized physical therapy, bistro with spoken menu, surgical pre-educational guidebook, private pre-operative suites, bedside registration, hotel-like concierge, nursing pods and care coordination to name a few. Unlike any other healthcare experience, this personalized experience costs 1/3 less than those provided by other local health organizations.



Organic Athlete

True “green gym” programs were started in Europe; Northeast Wisconsin can now realize their benefits. These competitive athletes focus on promoting healthy living, ecological responsibility, and environmental compassion. Members meet, train, and compete with other athletes who are striving to make a positive influence on the world.


The traditional hospital gown has served us well for over 100 years. However, one healthcare organization thought it was time for a change. Enter the Orthopants. A revolutionary new patient gown that adds technology, ease of use and most importantly, comfort for the patient. No longer do patients have to worry about exposing their backsides to their neighbors!


Environmental Preschool

While many teachers and administrators give careful consideration to designing indoor environments for children, they often neglect the same careful planning for outdoor learning areas. This preschool provides a unique environment that exposes children to opportunities to explore, question and develop theories about how things work and relate to the environment.