At Miron, we put a strong emphasis on the up-front process. We want clients to understand that a building can impact their entire business model, from the customer experience, to collaboration and profitability, to employee attraction and retention. We want people to know it’s ok to imagine something different, something more. So we came up with a process to achieve just that. We call it C5 – Capture, Create, Construct, Communicate, Confirm.

Miron’s C5 Process

C5 is about understanding who our clients are on the deepest level and what is driving their building needs. For any project to reach its full potential, every member of our team must focus on these factors. Caring about our clients and serving their unique needs is what sets Miron apart – it all begins and ends with you!


The “capture” phase begins as we focus the team on understanding who you are, what you do, and how this project will enhance your organization. We listen to your needs and your dreams, and we use this information to establish project drivers that help to guide the rest of the design and construction process.


The “create” phase involves collaborating with the design team to develop project concepts that fulfill your project vision. Miron can enhance schematic design concepts using virtual construction tools for visualization, coordination, and energy modeling. Along the way, our preconstruction team refines the project budget, develops realistic schedules, and builds quality into every detail.


We transform your vision into reality during the “construct” phase. Every member of Miron’s on-site team is educated on your project drivers to ensure a positive construction experience for you and your team.

Communicate • Confirm

Communication is what links the process together and drives its success. Our team communicates regularly with project stakeholders to confirm the project drivers to everyone involved. When decisions are being made the answers quickly become clear, because everyone understands your vision and what the team is trying to achieve.

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