About Us

Miron Construction Co., Inc. provides innovative preconstruction, construction management, design-build, industrial, and general construction services to multiple markets throughout the nation. The family-owned company has been in business since 1918 and is one of the nation’s premier construction firms and industry leaders. Approximately 1,700 employees provide professional construction services to Miron’s clients throughout the Midwest, with an expanded geographic reach across the United States. Miron is headquartered in Neenah, WI, with Yard Operations located in Menasha, WI, and regional offices in Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau, WI, and Cedar Rapids, IA. Miron strives to exceed expectations and bring dreams to life by staying grounded, thinking big, rallying together, digging deep, and building legacies. Miron is listed among the top general contractors in the United States by Engineering News Record and is also the Official Provider of Construction Services for the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field.

Our Vision

At Miron Construction, our commitment reaches beyond construction; our passion brings dreams to life!

Our Core Values

Our Brand

We’ve learned that it’s not enough to simply construct buildings—we need to do more, to understand our clients and what they are trying to accomplish. The success of our business relies on all of our passionate employees going above and beyond to bring our vision statement to life each and every day.

Our five core values permeate everything we do; they are what separates us from the competition. These values define who we are as an organization and set expectations for our clients—expectations that we must all live up to in order to deliver on our brand promise.

Our vision and values communicate to the world not only what we do, but who we are, why we do what we do, and what we’re passionate about: bringing dreams to life.

Our Story

  • 1918


    Founded by Canadian immigrant Patrick G. Miron. 1930s-40s: Partnered with a cousin to form The Miron and St. Aubin Construction Co.

  • 1949


    The partnership dissolved and a new company is incorporated as P.G. Miron Construction Co., Inc. with five stockholders: Patrick G. Miron, Roland Kippenhan, David Voss, Sr., Harvey Netzel, and Karl Kuchenbecker.

  • 1956


    Office relocates from 139 North Story Street, Appleton, to 806 Valley Road, Menasha.

  • 1979


    Greg Kippenhan, David Voss, Jr., and Patrick Voss become principal owners of P.G. Miron Construction Co., Inc.

  • 1982


    Miron’s Yard Operations was formed in Menasha, Wis. The Yard Operations team is responsible for the overall management and maintenance of nearly $65 million worth of equipment (e.g., cranes, forklifts, scissors lifts, boom lifts, concrete pumps, and vehicles) owned by Miron. The Yard houses 19…

  • 1990


    P.G. Miron Construction Co., Inc. changes its corporate identity to Miron Construction Co., Inc.

  • 1993


    Miron celebrates 75th anniversary and opens a regional office in Wausau, Wisconsin, to provide statewide services.

  • 2002


    Miron’s corporate office moves to a newly constructed, 60,000 SF facility in Neenah, Wisconsin.

  • 2003


    Miron expands its Midwest presence by opening a regional office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Tim Kippenhan becomes a principal owner of Miron Construction Co., Inc. with David G. Voss, Jr.

  • 2004


    Miron opens a regional office in Madison, Wisconsin, to further provide statewide services.

  • 2006


    Madison office moves to expanded facilities to accommodate growth.

  • 2007


    Wausau moves its offices to the fourth floor of the newly-completed Dudley Tower, the tallest building in central Wisconsin and constructed by Miron.

  • 2008


    The Miron corporate office in Neenah expands to allow for additional space and enhance The Miron Experience for our clients. The new expansion and the renovation of the existing space are built to LEED standards.

  • 2009


    A Milwaukee office is founded to support our current and future area projects.

  • 2015


    Miron debuts a Construction Innovation Lab in the Neenah office and expands its presence with a new office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

  • 2016


    To further illustrate Miron’s commitment to the State of Iowa and the greater Midwest, the company constructed and opened a new office and warehouse facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  • 2018


    Madison operations move to the Miron-constructed Gebhardt building to better support the continued growth in the southeastern/southcentral part of the state.

  • 2018


    Miron celebrates two milestones: 100 years of Building Excellence and $1 billion in revenue.

  • 2019


    Miron Construction’s ownership is expanded, as David Voss III and DanVoss join David G. Voss, Jr., and Tim Kippenhan to form Miron’s Owners Group.

  • 2020


    Milwaukee operations relocate to the Miron-constructed Hammes Company Palladium office building in downtown Milwaukee.

  • 2021


    Green Bay operations settle into the Miron-constructed U.S. Venture Center after working out of temporary offices in the Green Bay area for more than 10 years.

  • 2022


    Miron defines organizational core values based on employee and leadership input. Although just recently put into words, these values (Stay Grounded, Think Big, Rally Together, Dig Deep, and Build Legacies) have been guiding the company for more than 100 years.

Each and every employee who works at Miron eventually learns the significance of “the bucket.” The story of the bucket is one of the things we feel differentiates Miron from the competition, because it’s a simple account of our strong family culture.

Decades ago, when Miron Construction employees numbered less than 35 and yearly revenue was a mere fraction of what it is today, everyone would grab a bucket as the sun began to set on a hard day’s work, flip it over, and take a seat in the shop. It didn’t matter if you were a mason, a site superintendent, or the president of the company; everyone was welcome and everyone was family. Over ice-cold drinks, team members would discuss project challenges and celebrate successes, but more importantly, they’d share stories about their lives outside of the office and away from the field. Teammates would bond over heartache and laughter, all while building life-long friendships. That is what Miron was founded on—family values and firm handshakes, hard work and integrity. While we pride ourselves on 100 years in business, what we truly celebrate are the passionate individuals who helped us get here. To them, we raise a glass and say, “thank you for your support, for your friendship, and for giving us the courage to dream big.”

A lot has changed over the last 100 years, but one thing has remained the same—our commitment to Building Excellence.