Since 2007, Miron’s team of virtual construction specialists have utilized tools that support the many uses of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our specialists actively engage the design and construction team, promoting the use of virtual models and associated tools throughout the entire pre-construction and construction process. Miron does not offer design services. Rather, our virtual construction specialists collaborate with architectural/engineering (A/E) partners; and are viewed as an extension of the A/E and construction team. Typically, our capabilities can be broken down into 4 distinct areas:


Develop a visual representation of the constructed project to accurately communicate the design intent to all parties engaged in the project.


Assist the design and construction team by using the model information to review cost, sequencing, constructability, etc.

  • Constructability Review
  • Laser Scanning
  • Estimating Support
  • Environmental & Daylight Analysis


Coordinate multi-discipline 3D models in the virtual environment to reduce errors and improve efficiencies.

  • Interference Detection
  • 3D Sequencing
  • Construction Planning
  • Safety Planning


Create detailed fabrication models for complex self-performed work to improve the accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of construction activities.

Benefits of Virtual Construction

There are many benefits to utilizing virtual construction throughout the design and construction process; a few include:

  • Improved collaboration and accountability between team members
  • Enhanced design quality and constructability
  • Greater construction efficiency
  • Heightened cost and schedule accuracy
  • Minimized change orders – bottom line impact

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