Miron differentiates itself from other general contractors by offering the most complete and extensive preconstruction services available.

Virtual Construction

Since 2007, Miron’s team of virtual construction specialists have utilized tools that support the many uses of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our specialists actively engage the design and construction team, promoting the use of virtual models and associated tools throughout the entire preconstruction and construction process. Learn more about Virtual Construction.

Building Green & Sustainability

It’s about making a difference. People. Planet. Payback. Sustainability is one of Miron’s key drivers and is an integral part of our corporate culture. To demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship, we have launched corporate-wide sustainability initiatives that have been integrated into our business practices and construction operations, which are aimed at expanding our teams’ green knowledge and capabilities, sharing best practices with our partners and extending sustainable leadership to our clients. Learn more about Building Green & Sustainability.

Experienced-Based Design

If an organization can find ways to provide an experience unlike competitors, they command the space in their market. Our business and construction innovation experts assist clients with thinking differently about their current customer experience, so the building we construct supports the ideal experience. Building a new environment provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the overall customer experience. Our services focus strongly on capturing experiential clues and understanding customers’ experiences; not simply their view of the process—for instance, the speed and efficiency at which they travel through the system. Instead, we deliberately draw out the personal feelings a customer has at crucial points during their experience. We believe organizations that intentionally create experiences, which generate emotional outcomes, have tremendous customer loyalty and consistently outperform their competitors. Learn more about Experienced-Based Design.

Additional PreConstruction Services


Cost Estimating

Miron believes it is important to have accurate working budgets as soon as possible and update them as often as needed to assist Owners in decision making. From conceptual designs to construction documents, our skilled estimating team uses an extensive database of construction costs in developing estimates. Because we competitively bid over $3 billion of construction each year, Owners can rest assured that our cost history is current and covers a broad base of building systems.

Value Engineering

In an effort to save time and money, Miron proactively challenges the project team to build “best value” into each process and decision. Best value is not always defined as least cost and will include factors such as life-cycle costs, maintenance costs, etc. Our goal is to help you and your team achieve the best value for the dollars that you expend and the maximum return on your investment.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability and design reviews are critical in identifying potential challenges relating to construction techniques, material selection, lead times, schedule and budget impacts, and most importantly, quality and risk control. Our constructability review process and documentation ensures consistency, completeness, and quality.

Project Scheduling / Phasing

Miron begins determining a project’s most advantageous delivery by understanding “big picture” schedule objectives and the resulting impact on the functions of the facility. We utilize our extensive experience in developing conceptual phasing and project schedules to ensure that you have the least amount of disruption while meeting your project schedule objectives.