Miron is recognized as one of the premier builders in the Midwest. By self-performing critical tasks associated with projects, Miron draws on our 100 years of experience in the field to ensure overall success, enhancing quality assurance, communication, control over the schedule, cost savings, and efficient utilization of manpower and machinery. Miron typically performs:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Steel erection
  • Precast concrete erection
  • Heavy rigging
  • Millwright services

Industrial/Millwright Services

Miron Construction is a full-service industrial firm providing comprehensive construction and millwright services with a labor force of over 1,400 highly skilled tradespeople. We understand the need for precision installation is greater than ever before due to tighter tolerances and higher production needs. Our team of millwrights, riggers, and project managers offers over 100 years of experience in complete machine installation, laser alignment and precision layout, turnarounds, outages, and preventative maintenance. Whether the project is a small one-unit installation or a complete production line, our ability to plan and install this machinery is backed by a long line of knowledgeable and skilled craftspeople who take pride in a job well done and long-term relationships that stretch across the country. We are on-call to offer emergency repair and planned maintenance services to get your machine up as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is to increase your production efficiency and maximize your investment, and our team of trusted professionals is committed to delivering solutions that do just that.

Project Execution

Project Coordination/Management • Planning • Conceptual Estimating • Bid Management & Analysis • Critical Path Scheduling • Constructability Reviews • Safety • Quality • Risk Management • Building Information Modeling (BIM) • Virtual Process Integration (VPI) • LEED/Sustainability


Footings, Foundations, Elevated/Flatwork • Retaining Walls • Docks/Piers/Dam Repair • Cofferdams • Roof Repair • Masonry • Office Remodeling


Machinery/Equipment Installation and Relocation • Laser Alignment and Precision Layout • Maintenance Assistance/Outage Work


Rigging • Certified Welding (carbon & stainless) • Steel Erection • Pre-Cast Erection • Field Fabrication • Maintenance Assistance/Outage Work

Project Delivery

When it comes to project delivery, there is no “one method fits all.” There are many items to consider when deciding on a project delivery method, including project size, complexity, and overall schedule. Regardless of the delivery method you choose, Miron is here for you.

We are experienced in working within a wide range of delivery methods, including those listed below. Unsure what method is best for you? Let our construction experts help you determine what will best suit your project.

General Contractor

As your general contractor, Miron engages with the team through a competitive bid process once the design phase is complete. We are responsible for overseeing construction and ensuring your project budget and schedule are achieved. We manage all labor on site, including subcontractors, and maintain a risk-free work environment. Commonly referred to as “Design-Bid-Build,” this method is often used on public projects.

Construction Management

As your construction manager, Miron engages with the project team early in the process. We provide valuable pre-construction input that helps keep your project cost, schedule, and scope in check while the design is developed. Once design is complete, we guide the bid process and seamlessly transition into construction, where we manage all activity on site and maintain a risk-free work environment.


Under the design-build delivery method, Miron and the architect create a contractual partnership prior to starting work on your project. The contract outlines each member’s specific role on the project and formally ensures that Miron is an active participant throughout design and construction.

Integrated Project Delivery

The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method provides an opportunity for total collaboration among all team members to deliver a project that is designed, built and operated as efficiently as possible. Whether bound by contract or mutual agreement, this method creates an environment of open communication, collaborative decision-making, and fiscal transparency from project kick-off through completion.

Risk Management & Safety

Since 1918, Miron has built its reputation on providing clients with safe, quality construction regardless of project size and complexity. We take the time to understand the specific needs of your project to ensure our construction teams are properly trained and equipped to complete the task at hand.

Miron works under the philosophy of SQP: Safety, Quality, Production. This integrated approach to the building process guides our daily decisions and work, ensuring project-wide accountability in all three categories.


Employees are given the tools and education to prepare them mentally and physically for the workday, beginning with our pre-shift stretching and pre-task planning program known as the SQP Stretching Program and Excellence Huddle. Safety considerations and potential risks involved with the project/task are identified and understood, including investigating construction options to create safety solutions and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.


To ensure that the job is done right, quality expectations are identified and visually communicated to the workforce. Employees are encouraged to measure themselves regularly and ask, “How did we do today?”


Once safety and quality expectations are identified, achievable production goals are set. Visual tools are utilized to communicate the plan to all disciplines and the entire workforce throughout the project. These Safety, Quality, and Production considerations are then integrated into a cohesive project plan. Clear communication of the project plan ensures that each individual is aware of, and feels responsible for, safety and proactively plans for potential workplace hazards, quality expectations, and production goals. Ultimately, SQP allows risk to be “engineered” out of projects, ensures a higher quality product, and optimizes production.

Committing to this process guarantees that we continue BUILDING EXCELLENCE!