When it comes to project delivery, there is no “one method fits all.” There are many items to consider when deciding on a project delivery method, including project size, complexity, and overall schedule. Regardless of the delivery method you choose, Miron is here for you.

We are experienced in working within a wide range of delivery methods, including those listed below. Unsure what method is best for you? Let our construction experts help you determine what will best suit your project.

General Contractor

As your general contractor, Miron engages with the team through a competitive bid process once the design phase is complete. We are responsible for overseeing construction and ensuring your project budget and schedule are achieved. We manage all labor on site, including subcontractors, and maintain a risk-free work environment. Commonly referred to as “Design-Bid-Build,” this method is often used on public projects.

Construction Management

As your construction manager, Miron engages with the project team early in the process. We provide valuable pre-construction input that helps keep your project cost, schedule, and scope in check while the design is developed. Once design is complete, we guide the bid process and seamlessly transition into construction, where we manage all activity on site and maintain a risk-free work environment.


Under the design-build delivery method, Miron and the architect create a contractual partnership prior to starting work on your project. The contract outlines each member’s specific role on the project and formally ensures that Miron is an active participant throughout design and construction.

Integrated Project Delivery

The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method provides an opportunity for total collaboration among all team members to deliver a project that is designed, built and operated as efficiently as possible. Whether bound by contract or mutual agreement, this method creates an environment of open communication, collaborative decision-making, and fiscal transparency from project kick-off through completion.