Biomass Holds Promise for Nation, Miron Construction

Posted on Mar 29, 2011 by Industrial

Miron Construction will be attending the International Biomass Conference and Expo in St. Louis this May, and our excitement regarding the opportunities this sector holds both for Miron Construction and for meeting our nation’s increasing energy needs continues to grow.

Biomass is the name used for any biological material that can be converted into fuel or power, and includes everything from switchgrass to paper pulp to municipal solid waste (MSW). Energy crops like switchgrass offer a renewable feedstock for clean power generation, and paper pulp and MSW allow us to take waste products that would otherwise need to be disposed and convert them into energy.

The benefits of biomass power generation are substantial. Greenhouse gas emissions are lower than with traditional fossil fuels, waste products from industrial uses decrease, contributions to landfills are reduced, and – particularly in states like Wisconsin – we can grow our economy and create new jobs by using local feedstocks to generate our power.

With experience in biofuel, pulp and paper, and clean energy construction projects across the Midwest, Miron Construction has the ideal experience to help expand renewable energy production and capitalize on the opportunities that biomass offers.

Our work in the pulp and paper industry is extensive, with projects across the state of Wisconsin, and our energy projects include facilities from every part of the power spectrum, including ethanol, biodiesel, hydro, natural gas, and coal.  These award-winning projects demonstrate our ability to successfully construct power projects to fit any need, and we stand ready to put our expertise to work in expanding the production of clean, biomass power.

We look forward to speaking with existing and potential bioenergy producers, manufacturers, scientists, researchers, and others in St. Louis, and we look forward to developments in the biomass industry as it continues to progress.

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