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Miron specializes in providing innovative pre-construction, construction management, design-build, general construction and industrial services to multiple markets. From elementary schools to office buildings to casinos and clinics, we work side-by-side with our clients to bring their dreams to life.
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At Miron, we exist to create Relationships, built on honesty and integrity, with clients, partners, and employees. At Miron, people come first.


At Miron, we exist to fulfill Dreams and assist our clients in turning their visions into realities.


At Miron, we exist to promote Innovation and be the leader in providing and utilizing the best tools, processes, and safety measures.


At Miron, we exist to develop Solutions that exceed the needs and requirements of our clients, partners, and employees.


At Miron, we exist to integrate Sustainability, to enhance health and well-being and reduce our environmental impact.


At Miron, we exist to serve the Communities in which we live and work, giving back whenever and wherever we can.

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A People-Focused Look into the Future of LEED/WELL

Recent advancements in LEED and sustainable construction are focusing more and more on people’s health and well-being. This means constructing spaces that are healthier environments for people, which aligns perfectly […]

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A Century of Advancement in Construction

It was 1918. Woodrow Wilson was President. The Boston Red Sox brought home a World Series win, beating the Chicago Cubs four games to two. Standard time zones were officially […]

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Doing More, Better, with Less: The Possibilities of Automation in Virtual Construction

Automation. Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence. Robotics. These are all words that create strong emotions in people. Some embrace them as innovative and exciting concepts; others view them with trepidation. In […]

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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Construction Specialist: Brian Athey

Q: How long have you been a virtual construction specialist? A: I’ve been a virtual construction specialist for the past four and a half years. I’ve served in this capacity […]

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Miron to Exhibit at 2018 WASBO Facilities Management Conference

The 2018 WASBO Facilities Management Conference kicks off on Tuesday, February 27, 2017, at the Kalahari Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells. Miron is proud to be a part of this […]

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Miron Construction: A Brief History

Miron Construction is a company built around family. Currently in its third generation of ownership, David G. Voss, Jr. and Tim Kippenhan are at the helm. It all started with […]

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