Complete health and wellness goes beyond treadmills and broccoli

Posted on Oct 5, 2010 by Wellness

How do you define wellness? Is it really just treadmills and broccoli? I hope not! Nobody wants to think about wellness wrapped around these two very narrow concepts, but often we do just that. We limit our ambitions and goals to these two little factors, otherwise known as fitness and nutrition.

Now, I’m not saying that fitness and nutrition are not the main factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, of course they are; but sometimes we forget that other things matter too. How we manage stress, how we interact with our family and friends, and learning to balance work with our personal life matters. Taking time out for you matters too.

Here are some tips that will get you thinking about health as more than just treadmills and broccoli:

• Don’t let the number on the scale stress you out

• Don’t let work life wipe out the pleasures of your personal life

• Quit unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking, overindulgence, etc.

• Make sure to see your doctor annually for a medical exam or physical

• Surround yourself with a strong support network to help you keep your goals

The greatest thing we can strive for is complete wellness. I guarantee the healthiest person you know isn’t the one who can lift the most weight or run the fastest mile. It’s the one who knows that treadmills and broccoli are only a small factor in what it means to be happy and healthy. Look around…that person might be closer than you think. And they might just cause you to redefine your definition of wellness.

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