iChoose: Educating employees to make sustainable choices outside of the workplace

Posted on Apr 22, 2011 by Corey Brumbaugh

To demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility and serve as an example to the communities in which we live, Miron utilizes corporate-wide sustainable initiatives that are integrated into our business management practices and operations. Our goal is to expand our teams’ green knowledge and capabilities and incorporate practical sustainable strategies into our daily construction operations. We’ve even extended our leadership to our clients, enabling them to enjoy the financial, environmental and health benefits of sustainability on numerous projects. But why stop there?


This year we’re celebrating Earth Day by launching an initiative that targets our employees and the choices they make outside the office. We’re partnering with Cool Choices, a pilot program that is committed to helping companies reduce their employees’ household energy use via a corporate community.

Cool Choices recognized that Miron has a strong corporate-level commitment to sustainability; their aim is to leverage that strong commitment to influence employee behaviors at home. This program will facilitate a transfer of the corporate sustainability ethic to employees’ behaviors outside of the office, relative to their cars, homes and families. Much like a corporate wellness program, the iChoose Program will utilize our existing communications infrastructure to educate our employees about opportunities to save and then motivate them into action.

As Miron’s commitment to sustainability has deepened, employees have expressed increased interest in how they can implement sustainability at home. Many have taken some actions and most are interested in doing more. The iChoose Program will provide an opportunity for employees to share what they’ve done and to talk about how those actions impacted their budgets and their lifestyles.

Just as Miron leads by example, we want to encourage our employees to be sustainability leaders in their own communities. This partnership with Cool Choices will enable employees to save money, protect the environment and make their homes healthier— just as our construction efforts deliver those benefits to our clients.

It’s time to start celebrating Earth Day every day!

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