Merry Fitness: How Miron Plans to Stay Healthy Throughout the Holidays

Posted on Dec 6, 2011 by Wellness

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From the Thanksgiving feast to the champagne toast on New Year’s Eve, the holidays are a time for celebration and packing on the pounds, right? Wrong! Not if you work at Miron Construction. The health-minded employees at Miron have decided to do just the opposite by kicking off a Holiday Fitness Challenge that has people more committed than ever to keeping the elastic waistband pants in the back of the closet this holiday season.

In just two short weeks, 133 participants (67% of Miron’s workforce) in six different locations have lost a total of 233 pounds, and are on track to keep that trend going through the most difficult time of year to maintain weight, much less lose a few pounds. While some might think this is a task too big to tackle during the holidays, Miron employees see it differently. In a workplace culture that is always seeking to exceed expectations, they took this challenge and are running with it (literally). Participants are exercising more and eating less, all while finding it possible to enjoy the holiday season and all its festivities just the same. Many are finding it has more to do with a mindset than a specific time of year, and some are just making it look downright easy.

Of course, adding a competitive element and offering incentives adds additional motivation to the mix. Employees were randomly placed on seven different teams, each one led by a member of Miron’s executive team. They had the option to maintain their current weight or seek weight loss over an 8-week period, from Nov. 16th – Jan. 6th. Following a specific set of rules, participants in both weight categories have the opportunity to assist their team to achieving the greatest % of weight loss overall. Employees on the winning team will receive two additional days of vacation in 2012, and will be treated to a special evening out with all team members and their families.

So what’s the point? You don’t have to abandon your strategy to eat healthy just because it’s that time of year again. Nor do you have to give up your exercise routine or commitment to good health. In our society it seems almost impossible to think we can control our eating and still enjoy the holidays, but with a few modifications and some common sense planning, you can do exactly that. Imagine how good it will feel when the festivities have come and gone and you have maintained your health. So celebrate the holidays the Miron Way…make them festive, happy AND HEALTHY!

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