For those of us involved in the alternative energy sector, it’s been a wild ride. In the last decade in Wisconsin we’ve seen the ups and downs of the nation’s seventh largest corn-based ethanol producer, a series of fits and spurts of wind energy project develop, an influx of wood biomass-to-energy projects, and the unpredictable economics in power generation from various anaerobic digester technologies. At Miron, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of incredible clients we now call friends, who have given us the opportunity to position their organizations as leaders and innovators in the alternative energy sector.

Most recently, we broke ground on a food waste-to-energy facility in downtown Milwaukee after wrapping up construction on a unique waste-to-energy facility in northwestern Wisconsin that utilizes a waste stream from the dairy industry to generate power.

From the over production of ethanol to the plummeting price of natural gas to the overabundance of power on the grid as a result of the slowdown in the manufacturing sector, we’ve all  seen turbulent times. Despite these challenges, our Miron’s industrial team has found the silver lining. In addition to the projects in Wisconsin I mentioned earlier, we’re fortunate to be involved in a waste-to-energy project in Oregon and have been in discussion with a number of bio-fuel producers in the Midwest looking for the right technology partner to enter the world of cellulosic ethanol production.

In response to the needs of our current clients and in an effort to position Miron to take advantage of the next wave of alternative energy production, we’ve focused on putting together a one-stop shop for companies looking to the future. We take the time to learn the needs of our clients and, as a result, we’re positioned to bring the right solutions to the table. The solution to the challenge of developing a waste-to-energy project is often far greater than finding the right EPC. Our development teams include world-class legal experts who understand the value of fixed fees; accountants who know how to structure a deal, take advantage of credits, grants and loans; and a variety of technology providers that bring experience, diversity and innovation to the team.

We understand core competencies and respect the value and cost of your time. Creating a one-stop shop to develop, fund, site select, construct and operate your next facility has served us well. We’d welcome the opportunity to see how we may be able to address your challenges and share some solutions and ideas to help you succeed. To learn more visit us at