Miron is committed to delivering a higher degree of accuracy and precision for our clients’ machine installations. Our millwrights and alignment specialists use the latest laser equipment and techniques to ensure machines are laid out, aligned, and operating at peak efficiency. Miron typically utilizes laser tracker and arm equipment in our installation and alignment work. This 3D laser technology allows our teams to more accurately and efficiently install machines and fine-tune alignment, resulting in less downtime, enhanced machine runability, higher quality installs, and faster start-ups. Our laser alignment and precision layout services offer the following:

Efficiency & Quality Advantages

  • Increases the speed of data collection and analysis
  • Offers real-time measurement
  • Confirms tolerances and validates design
  • Offers easier and higher quality measurement of components with limited access
  • Improves accuracy, preventing damage during start-up
  • Enhances alignment, reducing wear on mechanical parts
  • Improves machine efficiency
  • Reduces the labor and time required for installation

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