Project Overview

This is the first time Bel Brands USA, headquartered in France, constructed a new facility in the United States. The new green-field facility houses Bel’s line of Mini Babybel Cheese and potentially other brands in the future. This new plant was essential to expanding their production capacity to meet growing demand. The scope included, but was not limited to, site works, facility and utility systems with utility drops to support Phase 1 process, packaging and utility equipment footprints. The following buildings and facilities were completed:

  • Site Development (50 acres) including staff parking, truck parking, walkways, and landscaping
  • Milk Receiving area (excluding silos but including associated foundations and containment)
  • Milk Treatment
  • Cheese Processing/Mechanization area through Waxing
  • Packaging area, Storage and Maintenance area
  • Mix use Warehouse Facility for Receiving and Shipping
  • Mechanical & Electrical Building
  • Labs, Social Areas, Lockers, and Misc Support Rooms

Dairy Market Leader

Logan Krueger / Vice President, Food & Beverage, Dairy
[email protected]


Bel Brands USA


211,000 SF


December 2013


Seeking Silver LEED Certification

In their words…

Miron took our vision and made it come true. The plant was built in the defined time frame and met all our high expectations… Without hesitation, we would recommend Miron for any construction project." Francine Moudry Project Director Bel Brands

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