Every plant manager’s goal is to decrease downtime and increase productivity. This is especially true when it comes to the maintenance and installation of equipment within new and existing plants. Often, these projects require the removal and replacement of equipment in incredibly confined spaces. The effect this type of work has on production capacity can be astronomical. We understand that every second of downtime means dollars lost for our clients’ organizations.

That is why Miron utilizes Virtual Process Integration (VPI) to help owners reduce downtime, decrease costs and add value to their equipment installation and construction work. VPI is an integrated team approach coupled with technology that helps clients and project teams visualize their projects in a whole new way, in an accurately displayed virtual environment.

It involves the creation of a consolidated 3D model. Miron serves as the ‘model integrator’ and all design/engineering and subcontractor disciplines contribute to this living 3D model. This technology can greatly decrease errors by detecting conflicts/clashes between the pieces of equipment and the building. These clashes are identified prior to completion of the final design, ultimately providing a great deal of cost savings, streamlining the installation process and ensuring a much more predictable and high quality install.

Ci Hub

Miron’s Ci Hubs are essentially modified gang boxes equipped with a TV monitor, computer, printer, and file-synchronizing software. A complete synchronized system provides the installation/construction team with the 3D model and the digital drawing set right where they need it, just in time, and always current. Crews are trained to use the unit, which provides everyone on site (including subcontractors) with the ability to access/view/print the plans, sections, and details, and coordinate with the design/engineering team real-time! Enhanced safety, quality and more efficient production are the result.

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