Build Like a Girl: Continuing to Bulldoze Stereotypes

Posted on Jul 20, 2018 by Community

BLAG 2018

Ask yourself— “Is what I am doing today going to make a difference for tomorrow?” This question is how the Build Like a Girl event came about three years ago. The goal was to reach out to young girls and make a long-lasting impression at a very crucial moment in their lives. Miron uses this event to help break the stereotypes surrounding construction and to help change the future of our industry.

This year was no different, we aimed to teach participants about the many facets of construction and where women fit into the mix. During our panel discussion, attendees asked questions regarding education and how they can take a current interest in construction and turn it into a career. They learned that there are many different paths to take. Whether through college to become an engineer or an architect or through an apprenticeship program—receiving on-the-job training to earn certification and experience. It takes all skills to create an amazing finished product, including getting ones hands dirty in the field and working on digital plans in the office, opportunities abound.

In addition to the panel discussion, attendees participated in a series of hands-on activities that allowed them to see something in themselves they may not have seen before: potential. The majority of the group said their favorite parts of the event were the equipment operation and the masonry portion, where they, as a team, built a brick wall. Miron hopes that this event has the ability to change these girls’ lives and opinions about our industry and to inform them of the incredible opportunities that lie before them.

In addition to our Neenah Build Like a Girl event, this year we have expanded to launch a second event in Madison, which will be held on August 10th. The goal is the same: provide a group of girls with the opportunity to learn more about construction and inspire them, because “young girls with dreams become women with vision.

Read what some of our participants have to say about the event:

What inspired you to sign up?

  • “The opportunity to get an idea on what other types of jobs there are.”
  • “I wanted to learn more about being a woman in the construction industry as I had heard Amanda Manteufel [project manager for Miron] speak about it at Fox Valley Technical College’s Tech Savvy event.”
  • “I wanted to try something different and see if I would enjoy it.”

Did this event give you more confidence to step out of your comfort zone?

  • “Yes, I definitely now have more confidence in myself and what I can do.”
  • “Yes, I now feel that trying new things, like concrete and masonry, aren’t as scary.”
  • “Yes, I now feel more comfortable doing things that I am not used to.”

What surprised you about what you learned?

  • “I was surprised at how detailed and exact masonry can be.”
  • “After operating a crane, I learned that it is easier than I thought and that with practice, I could get good at it.”
  • “I was surprised that I could get paid to learn during an apprenticeship program.”

What was your favorite part?

  • “My favorite part was operating the boom lifts.”
  • “My favorite part was working with the concrete in the masonry section.”
  • “My favorite part was trying new things and finding out that not very many girls have done them before.”

What advice would you give someone thinking about participating in Build Like a Girl next year?

  • “Be safe, have fun and to try new things!”
  • “Definitely sign up! It is really fun, and you learn a lot.”
  • “Just sign up, you never know what you might like.”

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