Building Information Modeling Technology Continues to Advance

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 by Virtual Construction

Recently I read an article highlighting Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction: Contractors Look to BIM to Streamline Construction. These types of articles are certainly becoming more prevalent as the use of leading-edge technologies in construction becomes more commonplace, but what is important about this article is the fact that multiple entities are highlighted as experiencing the benefits. When we, as an industry, experience success at all levels (designers, contractors, suppliers, and owners), and how great the rewards (financial, professional, and personal) can be, we are finally able to see that the sky is the limit as to what advanced technologies bring to the table. It’s always refreshing to read about the adoption of technologies that are truly making a difference in the industry, and as technologies evolve their uses tend to multiply, and isn’t that what lies at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit?

At Miron Construction, we continuously and methodically strive to research, develop and implement the best of class in tools that align with our corporate culture, as well as industry trends. It is truly exciting to ponder how the tools we use today will mature over the next few years, and the new and innovative ideas that will emerge. But in the midst of all the hype of new and exciting changes, we cannot lose sight of our vision as an organization, that “our commitment reaches beyond construction; our passion brings dreams to life,” because it is pivotal in keeping our growth steady and will guide us to new heights.