Taking Back the Tap

Posted on Aug 11, 2011 by Theresa Lehman

Is bottled water safer to drink than tap water? A recent government report found that the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) rules for bottled water are less strict than the Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules for tap water. Bottled water companies aren’t required to disclose to the public what is in the water they are selling, or where it’s from, which is more often than not, the bottling plant’s tap.

Need other reasons to stay away from bottled water? Here are the top four reasons why it’s better to drink tap water than bottled water:

1.    Bottled water is not a good value, it’s expensive
2.    It’s not healthier than tap water
3.    Bottled water leads to more garbage
4.    It also leads to less attention being paid to public systems

Alternatives to bottled water are easy and less costly. Here are four easy alternatives to drinking bottled water:

1.    Reusable water bottle
2.    Filtering system
3.    Pitcher of refrigerated water
4.    Using a glass

Reusable bottles range from $5-15 depending on the size and brand. Brita filtering systems range from $20-50. To put that into perspective, after buying only 15 packages of water, you’d already have your filtering system paid off.

In 2009, Miron began reducing the purchase of bottled water, in favor of ION™ Water Filtration Systems, and in 2010 alone, avoided contributing 22,944 bottles of waste to the environment and saved $7,049.98.

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