Design-Build Delivery Method – Use Growing

Posted on Jul 5, 2011 by Virtual Construction

This article (Design-Build Growing, Study Finds) shows the extent to which design-build is expanding as a delivery method. Most owners are trending toward integrated project delivery models (including design-build) for a variety of reasons:

1. Better collaboration between the owner, contractor and designer throughout the deliver process reduces the project schedule, improves quality, reduces project costs and improves the long-term performance of the buildings. All aspects of building performance are improved through collaboration.

2. Reduced risk – the design-build team is more accountable, which reduces the likelihood of design and construction defects.

3. Increased transparency – the owner is more involved in the decision-making, including subcontractor and supplier selection (which is normally performed without input from the owner or designer).

4. More enjoyable experience – by removing the adversarial relationships created by traditional project delivery models, the team members can focus their efforts on designing and building great buildings.

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