Favorite Miron Moments – 2019

Posted on Dec 17, 2019 by Miron Construction

Take a look at some of our favorite Miron Moments of 2019!

Bob O’Keefe – Project Superintendent, Masonry

One of my favorite moments was being part of building the emblem wall out of stone at the Oshkosh Corporation New Global Headquarters.

It was a challenge due to the fact we were given only a picture and we were the ones to design how to hang and attach the stone to the building. A lot of pre-planning involved and the masons did an outstanding job of laying up the stone and it turned out amazing!

Tonya Dittman – Director of Culture

One of my favorite moments from 2019 include watching the Young Project Manager Group grow their impact in the organization. This photo shows the group at our new Madison office on the day they toured some of Miron’s LEED projects.

David Voss III – Vice President, Field Operations

I’ve had several favorite Miron moments from 2019. The Take Your Child to Work Day was a fantastic opportunity for sons and daughters to get a little understanding of what their mothers or fathers do on a daily basis. My kids still talk about it today.

The other event was the Superintendent duck hunting trip to North Dakota. This is one of my favorite events that essentially takes 10 strangers that work for Miron on a three-day hunting trip which provides the opportunity for many laughs and bonds made. After three days, the group walks away feeling like family.

Eric Marcoe – Dream Coach

A few Miron employees decided to care for their co-workers after our first significant daytime snowfall (11/13/19) in Neenah. Three individuals brushed the snow off of every vehicle in the South Parking lot in Neenah between 4:00pm-4:30pm. It felt good to know that you would be surprising someone in a good way. It was amazing how many people reached out to thank those individuals. The comment heard most was “It was a long day in the office and as I walked out to a snowy landscape I was dreading cleaning off my car…then I looked up and saw that someone had already done it for me.”

Brian Kern – Warehouse Operations

Every year my brother, Jim Kern, a laborer for Miron, and a close friend of mine, Brian Doherty, and I run a fishing tournament out of Shiocton, WI. called THE LIP RIPPER INVITATIONAL. This was our 12th year running the event to raise money for a family in need. This year’s event was for Jacob & Sheena Glasow’s family. I would like to thank the Miron family for supporting our event and making it our most successful and most memorable year to date.  #GLASOWSTRONG

Jill Didier – Vice President, Business Development, Milwaukee

January 2019 we got together and ate a burger that we created at Leff’s Lucky Town. Leff’s sponsors a burger of the month and the proceeds go to different charities. Our Miron Burger was selected in January and the proceeds went to Sharp Literacy.

Jeff Brayton – Project Superintendent, Civil

My favorite moment of 2019 would be the groundbreaking ceremony for the Notre Dame K-8 school in De Pere. All of the students and teachers were present and were able to be part of the building of their new school.

Sherry Wall – Project Manager

My favorite moment is just one example of several that have taken place at the South Wood County YMCA project. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work closely with and get to know so many members of our field crews. Their willingness and patience to take the time to expose the next generation to hands-on construction, in this case my grandson, and to expose Owners to the construction process is extraordinary. Thank you to Nick Roethle for bringing dreams to life for a little boy and for an Owner who is a little boy at heart.

Tony Favilla – Industrial Project Manager

My favorite Miron moment of this year was Take Your Child to Work Day. We had an action-packed day full of activities and were able to share our day with our kids and show them the types of things we do here at Miron. My kids can’t wait to come again next year.

Bill Wildenberg – Project Manager

One of my favorite moments was when we attended the Rising Young Professionals & Icons of Construction banquet where Kyle Pieters was honored as a rising young professional.

Sara Montonati – PR Specialist 

One of my favorite Miron Moments was attending the SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 event at the Yard. The event was created to promote masonry construction while accentuating the craftsmanship, pride and passion that masons dedicate to their work. Miron is proud of the hard working masons we have on our team; this event allows us to highlight their craftsmanship and give back to the masonry trade and help strengthen its future. This was the second year we hosted the event; we engage students who are able to have hands-on time with brick and mortar while learning more about the trade. I was also lucky enough to learn a few things!

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