Meet the Miron teams: Madison, Wisconsin

Posted on Mar 22, 2016 by Community

Get to know the people who make up Miron’s Madison team!

Who makes up your team?
Miron’s Madison office is managed by Paul Auer, our vice president of Madison Operations. Other team members include project managers Erik Blank, Nick Kinsman, Dave LaBarge, Shawn Montsma, Jonathan Stevens, Tom Zahalka, Steve Fields, and Fab DeSouza; project accountants Mary Cummings, Jennifer Lanzendorf, and Cat Ross; project administrators Kelsey Koenig and Katie Link; conceptual estimator Dylan Leinhardt; and risk control manager Jeff Hanthorn. Our office is like a little family, so of course, we all have fun nicknames for each other including Kels Bells, Nick-Nack, and Dilly Bear to name a few.

What are some notable projects your team has recently worked on?
The Below Alumni Center for the University of Wisconsin-Madison renovation project is a milestone project for the Madison office. We are very proud to be a part of improving upon such a historic and meaningful site. We’re also proud of the New Holland Pavilions project at the Alliant Energy Center.

What is one local non-profit organization you’re passionate about giving back to and why?
We are passionate about keeping our community clean, so we are always looking for opportunities related to that. This past Earth Day we spent several hours picking up trash in a local park.

Tom Zahalka (left) and Dave LaBarge show how they’re keeping local parks green and clean.

List three words to describe your office:
Focused, fearless, and fun! 

What is your favorite part about working in Madison?
It’s a safe and thriving city with a lot to do! We enjoyed getting to spend some time boating on Lake Mendota during a team-building outing and we also occasionally visit the local microbreweries after work. Many of our team members have fun running in the various local 5Ks, 10Ks and triathlons.

What makes this office different from the other Miron offices?
The Madison office has an electric atmosphere—our team is comprised of many unique individuals who are passionate about their work and enjoy spending time together as a team. The varied and strong personalities of our group create an award-winning lineup of people who know how to get a job done and do it with enthusiasm and a smile.

Our project admins/accountants sharing some smiles during the workday.


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