Miron Aims for Teambuilding and Fun

Posted on May 16, 2019 by Miron Construction

At Miron, we believe in an honest, hard-day’s work, but we also understand the importance of having fun and spending time together. Building relationships is one of our key corporate drivers, but that doesn’t just apply to our clients. Strong internal relationships built through teamwork only strengthen our ability to provide superior service to our external customers.

During Miron’s annual corporate and field summits, employees participated in a unique, high-energy, high-intensity teambuilding competition. Led by Takedown Eventures, employees were split into teams and challenged to work together as they were guided through thrilling outdoor activities, indoors! Activities included a variety of stations, including compound bows, aerial archery, crossbows, tomahawks, archery tag, and hoverball. Team members were randomly grouped and ran the gamut from avid hunters to novices, but regardless of skill level, friendly banter and fun filled the air.

The experience wrapped up with a wild game feast. With a tie-in to the great outdoors, the meal featured freshly prepared entrees with natural ingredients, including wild game, fruits, and vegetables.

Check out some photos from the events and view our recap video!

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