Meet the Miron Construction Interns: Zach Solberg

Posted on Jun 30, 2016 by Miron Construction

Internships are a great opportunity to get some real world, practical experience before graduation. At Miron Construction, we welcome a number of interns each summer to work in all areas of the company. Rather than us tell you about it, we have invited five interns to blog about their experiences working at Miron this summer. Earlier, we heard from Clint Garris, a project management intern at our Milwaukee office. Next up is Zach Solberg, a virtual construction intern at our Neenah office.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Zach Solberg, and I attend Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I just received my Associate’s Degree in Architectural Technology and am going into my final year to complete my Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technology.

How long have you been an intern at Miron?

This is my first summer as an intern at Miron Construction. I was interested in becoming an intern at Miron because I knew it would be a really good company to be with. After learning more about the Virtual Construction department, I knew this was going to be a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things, such as the software and BIM coordination process.

What are your career goals? What would your dream job be?

It’s tough to answer when someone asks me what I want to do with my life. I am still young, with nearly my whole life ahead of me, and the opportunities are virtually endless! Currently, my career goals consist of utilizing both my civil and architectural backgrounds. My position at Miron allows me to use both of those aspects of my education. My dream job would be something that really gives me a sense of giving back and contributing to society. I had a really great experience last school year teaching kids about construction and the building design process. Because of that experience, I think I would like to become a teacher someday. My school experience at NWTC, paired with my short time at Miron, has shown me what is possible when technology is pushed to the limits, and I would like to help the younger generations get excited about technology too.

When did you first become interested in a career in construction?

I would say I’ve always been interested in construction ever since I was just a little kid playing with Legos. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school when I took a drafting class that I really became interested in drafting and building design.

What are you hoping to learn in your internship at Miron?

I came into this internship willing to learn everything I possibly can in a summer. I want to learn how to play an active role in the BIM coordination process. I also really would like to be able to get out in the field and work with the robotic total station to learn construction layout.



Thanks, Zach! Be sure to check back later this summer for more on Zach’s intern experience at Miron Construction.

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