Meet the Miron Interns: Holly Denfeld & Travis Fleis

Posted on Jun 15, 2017 by Miron Construction

Internships are a great opportunity to gain real world professional experience before graduation. Each summer, Miron Construction welcomes a number of interns to work in all areas of our company. Every intern’s experience is unique. Rather than us tell you about it, we have invited ten interns to share their journeys on our blog over the next few months. In our first post, we met Bryce and Clint. Next up is Holly and Travis.


Holly Denfeld – Project Management Intern


Denfeld-Miron Intern-1Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Holly Denfeld, and I’ll be a SUPER senior at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) this coming school year. I am working towards a dual-degree of Architectural Engineering (electrical specialty) and Construction Management. After completing this 5-year program, I will have a Bachelor of Science degree in both disciplines.

How long have you been an intern with Miron? 

This is my fourth internship, but second year with Miron Construction. After my freshman year of college, I worked for an architectural engineering consulting firm in Milwaukee. I learned a lot about electrical distribution systems in buildings, lighting, and communication systems. This gave me a fairly well-rounded experience from the architectural engineer’s perspective.

After my sophomore year of college, I wanted to get experience from the construction management point of view, and, being a local contractor to my home town of Edgar, WI, Miron was the perfect candidate! I worked with project manager Lee Spindler out of the Wausau office and had a GREAT experience! I was fortunate enough to experience the project management/construction process at a variety of stages. From client interviews, estimating, scheduling, and bid day, through construction to closeout. I received a FANTASTIC first experience with construction management and was ultimately what pulled me towards project management as a lifelong career.

When did you first become interested in a career in construction?

It all started my sophomore year of high school. My school was under heavy construction with the addition of a new fitness facility, cafeteria, and classrooms, as well as an auditorium renovation. I was in an engineering class at that time and had the opportunity to view the construction process behind the scenes. Once a week or so, our class got to tour the site with project managers and superintendents. I was mesmerized by how every worker and machine seemed to flow together so efficiently and how quickly the site developed from week to week. It was that experience where I found a passion for construction, and it was my college experiences that lead me to the place I am today!

What are you hoping to learn in your internship with Miron?

After a summer away at a larger general contractor, I am back again! I’m excited for a bit of a different role this year, being on-site rather than in the office. I’m excited to get more experience working with subcontractors and scheduling work in real-time. The goal is to understand what happens on a day-to-day basis in the field so that I can make the lives of the superintendent and field workers easier in my role as a project manager.


Travis Fleis – Project Management Intern


Fleis-Miron Intern-1Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Travis Fleis and I am a senior majoring in Construction Management at Northern Michigan University.

How long have you been an intern with Miron? 

This is my first summer as a Project Management intern with Miron Construction. I chose Miron because of its outstanding reputation, its ability to locate me close to home, and the overall positive experience I had with the interview and pre-employment process.

When did you first become interested in a career in construction?

I have been interested in a career in construction since birth. I have been on the job site since I was a baby, growing up in my family’s construction and excavation business.

What are you hoping to learn in your internship with Miron?

I am hoping to learn a long list of things during my internship, so I will share a few. First and foremost, I am hoping to learn the scope of work a Project Manager has on a project. I want to learn about everything they must do to complete a project from start to finish. Next on my list is to learn as many construction terms, acronyms, materials, and processes as possible. Another thing I am hoping to learn throughout the summer is how to effectively and professionally communicate between channels and companies.

Thanks, Holly and Travis. Check back next week to meet two more Miron interns who will be joining our blog for the summer.

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