What’s Your One Word?

Posted on Jul 26, 2018 by Miron Construction

One Word - Word Art

One of Miron’s long-standing cultural traditions is celebrating our successes as a team during annual summits. This past January and February, our entire team of office, warehouse, and field staff traveled to the newly completed Fox Cities Exhibition Center for summit events to celebrate the company’s achievements. This year certainly did not disappoint. There was much to celebrate, including the company’s 100th year in business and achieving $1 billion in revenue – a first in Miron’s history. In addition to celebrating successes, we also spent time teambuilding and looking forward to 2018. Given these special milestones, this year’s event held special significance, and it was definitely felt by all who attended.

Miron recognizes that the success of 2017 is largely due to the hard work and efforts of our talented team and their continued ability to grow. Therefore, the theme of the 2018 summit focused on the concept of “Growing Your Impact”, not only as a valued member of the Miron team, but also as individuals. We continue to encourage team members to ask themselves a question: how can you grow your impact – with yourself, your family, the Miron family, and the larger community? One tangible way we encouraged team members to do this was by introducing the concept of choosing One Word, an idea explored by Jon Gordon in his book One Word that Will Change Your Life. In the book, Jon explains that rather than trying to tackle a traditional list of New Year’s resolutions, he picks one word for the New Year that will inspire him to be the best version of himself. Over the years, he has chosen a variety of words: PURPOSE, SURRENDER, SERVE, PRAY, RISE, FORGIVE, and STILL.

After the introduction of the concept at Miron’s summit, team members were encouraged to find their One Word for 2018 and to apply this singular focus in a way that can help them grow their impact. To make the process a bit more visible, team members were given stickers for their hardhats and encouraged to write their One Word on them. The goal was to keep team members’ words in front of them throughout the year and initiate conversations with others. What started with hardhat stickers has grown to mini-steel beams in our offices on which team members are writing their words, and even One Word lunch n’ learns.

The graphic above represents word art depicting over 65 words that our employees have chosen to focus on in 2018. Some appear larger, representing words that were chosen by more than one person. This simple exercise is helping individuals to do three things:

  1. Focus: centering their everyday efforts on growing their impact.
  2. Connection: building deeper connections with team members, family, and the community.
  3. Small changes: encouraging small, incremental changes that have impactful results.

As Miron continues to grow, it will be important for us to continue to take time to celebrate our successes and encourage each of our valued team members to continue to grow themselves. The One Word concept is just one example of our team doing just that.

For more information about the One Word concept, check out Jon Gordon’s weekly newsletter and blog: http://www.jongordon.com/positivetip/one-word-for-2018.html

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Content authored by former employee Tonya Dittman.

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