Women in Construction Week Spotlight: Brigette Baudhuin

Posted on Mar 8, 2022 by Miron Construction

As part of Women in Construction Week 2022, we’re highlighting the women of Miron Construction – their backgrounds, what got them into construction, and what both rewards and challenges them. We hope these features inform and inspire you!

Brigette Baudhuin – Business Development Specialist, Education

  • What made you interested in a career in construction? There is so much growth potential in the construction industry right now, and I feel that the more women get involved in that growth, the better. Women offer invaluable additions, ideas, and thoughts to every industry. Construction has an underrepresentation of women, so there is a lot of room for a strong, intelligent woman like myself to grow.
  • Why is it important for women to get involved in construction? I believe that women can make valuable contributions in every industry, especially construction, where there is a glaring underrepresentation of women. Male-dominated industries, such as construction, can stand to gain insights that would otherwise be overlooked or completely missed. In order for companies to grow and evolve in the future, all genders, races, ethnicities, ages, etc. need to be represented.

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