3 Reasons Women Can Make an Impact in Male-Dominated Industries

Posted on Jun 1, 2021 by Community

Making an impact in a male-dominated profession is not easy, but this is why we’ve got to chip away at the stereotypical representations and this is why we have to go through the exact industries where the males run wild. In the construction industry, only 9% of the workers are female and work in administrative or office positions. So with this in mind, how can women start to make an impact in the industries where men appear to have some form of advantages, such as workshops, factories, and constructions?

The Importance of Applying Skills One of the biggest misunderstandings in any industry is that machines are too big and bulky to be used by women. The reality is that, with any form of machinery, it is all about learning the skill.

The Potential for Leadership Opportunities The best thing about being a woman in a construction or trade industry, apart from the potential to earn more than in traditional female-dominated careers, is the opportunity for women to improve performance by providing fresh perspectives.

Now Is the Age of Diversity There are initiatives all around the world for women out there who want to work in the construction industry, including the “Build Like a Girl” initiative at Miron Construction, but this is only scratching the surface.

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