Bel Brands invests $144 million in a plant to make Mini Babybel cheeses in South Dakota

Posted on Mar 9, 2015 by Food Processing

Can the design of a building represent a management style? In the case of a new cheese plant in South Dakota, the answer is yes. The glass windows in the administration offices, the employee lunchroom and even the entrance all contribute to transparency and sharing, which are values held dear by management of Bel Brands USA’s newly opened cheese plant in Brookings, S.D., which produces Mini Babybel cheeses.

All 270 employees enter through the front of the building; there is no separate entrance in the rear of the building for production staff. A sunlit lunchroom is to the right of the foyer. The glass-walled room is stocked with fresh and packaged foods for purchase. The round, porthole-style windows evoke the shape of the Mini Babybel cheeses themselves.

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