Building bigger, better hospitals: Three separate expansion projects bring improved health care to Springfield

Posted on Aug 1, 2013 by Healthcare

What’s the official bird of St. John’s Hospital? The crane.

That silly joke popped up shortly after the towering construction crane began hoisting materials around the hospital in June 2012. The construction is part of the hospital’s ongoing expansion project, and two other major health care providers in Springfield – Memorial Medical Center and Springfield Clinic – have since begun their own expansion projects.

Each provider is pouring millions of dollars into improving their facilities with new technology and clever innovations that make visiting the hospital easier, more comfortable and more likely to produce a good outcome. They’re doing it with an eye for the environment, too – cutting waste by reusing or recycling building materials, while getting more bang for their energy buck with green designs. And most of the manpower and materials are coming from nearby companies, giving a welcome bump to the Springfield economy.

St. John’s Hospital

Using the elevator at St. John’s Hospital is like stepping into a time machine. Once you get past the attractive main lobby, tastefully appointed with wood and stone in Franciscan minimalist style, you’ll see a typical 1970s-era hospital corridor: sterile and dimly lit, with bland colors and few distinctive features.

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