Concrete Benefits: Grove’s new heavy-duty jib equips GRT9165 rough-terrain crane for precast work.

Posted on Aug 9, 2022 by Construction

Prominent contractor Miron Construction recently made its first lifts using a new heavy-duty jib that Grove has developed for the 165-USt GRT9165 rough-terrain crane.

The stout new jib, developed in part through discussions with Miron, broadens the 165-USt crane’s range of uses and delivers a competitive edge for setting precast concrete panels. The jib transforms Grove’s largest rough-terrain crane into an economical alternative to traditional crawler cranes for tilt-up work.

The 12.5′ jib is equipped with two tip sheaves in order to handle up to four parts of line, and can be offset hydraulically from 0° to 50°.  It can lift up to 68,600 lbs. and, overall, provides best-in-class lifting capacities that average up to 20% more than its closest competitor. Having one multi-part load line over the boom point and another over the jib tip gives operators tight precision when positioning panels.

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