Construction University – Marketing: Give people a business excuse to choose you above your competition

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 by Innovation

There are several contractor misconceptions about marketing, says Cynthia Paul with industry consultant FMI. First, marketing is not sales. Second, it’s not just directed at gaining new customers; In fact, 80 percent of it should be directed at your existing clients. Third, it’s not voodoo.

“It’s fairly easy to get your arms around,” Paul says. “You’re communicating with decision makers, warming them up to understand your company and to buy from you. You’re giving people a business excuse to choose you above your competition.”

Unfortunately, marketing can seem like overhead, says Mike Stark with the Associated General Contractors of America. “Contractors are typically looking for more clients, better clients, and clients that align with their businesses. And during the downturn, many were chasing everything just trying to keep the lights on.

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