Miron’s U of Iowa Building Among ENR Midwest’s 2017 Best Projects

Posted on Nov 17, 2017 by Awards

Best Project – Higher Education/Research: University of Iowa Visual Arts Building. The University of Iowa’s Visual Arts Building is a 126,000-sq-ft, four-story building designed around a central atrium. It brings together a diverse array of traditional artistic disciplines as well as more modern, visual domains such as 3D and graphic design. The facility’s dozens of exterior windows—a mix of clear and opaque—create a column of light in the central foyer that reaches through the entire height of the facility. Contractor Miron Construction Co. took pains to deliver the design, including construction of the floor plate system. Poured-in-place biaxial voided slabs, better known as bubble deck slabs, were used instead of traditional concrete pours. Read more…


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